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Dare I say it?! 
Too many tins at home?!  

Consign With U$!


     Whether you find yourself overflowing with Esoterica, Dunhill, Germains and other hidden gems, or you want to make more room and keep your spouse in a happy house, or whatever the reason may be, consign with us and turn your treasured smokes into cash through TreasuredSmokes!

     It’s easy.  Send us a list of what you want us to sell.  We’ll chat about the list and determine what we can and cannot accept.  As much as we would love to take it all, we just can’t accept everything.  But you never know, so just ask.  The answer just might be “yes!”

     So what can we accept?:   TreasuredSmokes, of course!    That usually means that the tins are:

  1. Out of Production but high in demand;

  2. Tins over 5 years of age preferably, but not a hard and fast rule;

  3. In production products that are hard to find and in high demand;

  4. Interesting tins and treasured smokes!

  5. When in doubt, just ask!  We will be happy to chat about it.

     Condition:  The tins must be:

  1. Sealed in their original, factory sealed condition;

  2. Free of rust, dings, dents and other damage;

  3. Full and never opened.

     The Process:

  1. Send your list to

  2. We’ll review the list and then let you know what we can accept. 

  3. Once we both agree on what to ship us, we’ll send you our Consignment Agreement form and you ship us your treasured tins through USPS. 

  4. We’ll start selling them right away.  We’ll handle the marketing, packaging, shipping and pay you at the end of each week for the tins sold on your behalf. 

     Ok, so how much?:  That’s simple too.  We get 30% for our consigning services and you get 70% of your sales. 

Simple.  You just turned your treasured smokes into cash!

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